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We make you look good:
Brewer Communications strives to make your communications work for you and your organization. We can design a new branding for you, and we integrate your existing branding with new publications. We’ll help you think through the media, size and budgets appropriate for your project. We’ll help you craft the right wording, fix the spelling, adhere to style guidelines, follow copyrights and keep you looking like a professional. We want to be your first resource for transforming your ideas into professional communication!


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Entrepreneur solutions

New ventures are exciting! We can help you achieve your dreams and have you looking your best. At Brewer Communications, we have a passion for making you look good. Maybe even bigger and better than you think you are!

Here’s where we can help you get off to a great start:

Logo design and branding: A visual statement of who you are. Taking into account your industry, your audience and potential customers, your product and goals, and your market, we create a visual “brand” — a “look” that sets you apart from your competition.

Stationery: Create your business card and other print or electronic branding pieces, including letterhead, envelopes, forms, mailing labels, contact cards.

Web site, domains and hosting: We can acquire your domain, and use that for your branded email address and web site presence. We can create a very simple website page or a complete multi-page website. We can do this in increments that work for your budget and time.

Web site resources: We can create a website that allows you to make minor updates to your site, called a content management system. This allows you to add recent news, put seminars/classes/ programs/calendar online and keep it up to date, and add photos or update links from other sites. We can help you with search engine optimization and link building, so your website is accessible in online searches.

Marketing materials: To get your organization off on the right start, we can design marketing, capability and sales brochures and flyers. We can create presentation folders, case statements, and advertising. We can design user-friendly forms and applications, which the user can complete by hand or fill out online.

Book covers and CD covers: We have many years of experience designing book covers and CD covers. Each project is a fresh design, custom made for your product, audience and message. We don’t use template or cookie-cutter solutions. Your cover should be as special as your book or music.

Product, book, CD: We can design your product, book cover and package. We can help you find the right place to produce, print or publish your product. We can provide marketing materials, and help you find a marketing professional to help you promote and distribute your product.

Lulu and Mixbook: These self-publishing websites give you tools to help you create your book online. We can provide professional design help to create your product within their sites. I highly recommend Mixbook for scrapbook photo albums, and I can help you design it within their site. Lulu is a print-on-demand publisher who will print your book. They require pdf downloads of the book already laid out, and they offer layout services. I offer the same services, and a range of tools and options to create the right publication for you. I can layout the book with your needs and concerns in mind, and then provide final pdf pages to Lulu. I also work with several independent publishers who print small quantities of books, which may be a more economical choice in some cases.

Product marketing website: We can design a website specifically to promote and sell your books, CDs, or other products. We can work with you to determine the best way to sell the product through your website.

Transforming your ideas into identities, books and products. We make you look good.